21 countries call Russia to release Estonian security officer Eston Kohver

Eston Kohver
Eston Kohver detained in RussiaFoto: FSB, Kuvatõmmis Youtube'i videoportaalist

21 countries, led by the United States, have issued a public statement, calling for the release of Estonian Internal Security Service officer Eston Kohver, who was abducted from Estonian territory, taken to Russia, and detained there on 5 September.

According to the Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet, Estonia appreciates the support of friends and allies.

"Many countries have expressed their support regarding this issue and have made official public statements calling for the return of Kohver to Estonia," Paet said.

The foreign support for the release of Estonian officer emerged when the foreign ministers of the Nordic and Baltic countries – Estonia, along with Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Latvia and Lithuania – issued a joint statement on 12 September, demanding the immediate release of Eston Kohver.

Public statements, calling for the release of Kohver and allowing for his return to Estonia from Russia, have also been issued by the United States, Germany, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Spain, Turkey, Canada, Italy, Georgia, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Poland, Holland, and France.