Today will see the second reading of the civil partnership bill in the parliament. Eesti Päevaleht supports passing this law. We dare to contradict the opinion of considerable number of people, because the Estonian state needs not only to be governed by the majority, but also protect the rights of minorities. Democracy, which is based only on a whim of the majority and not on norms anchored in human rights, is too similar to a majority dictatorship.

We support the law because it will allow a part of the society to have access to protection under law and increase security of those nearest to them. Officially registered partnerships of same sex couples do not take anything away from others and therefore there is no reason to be disturbed.

In spite of this, the debate has turned angry and rough - at times even unspeakably ugly and dehumanising towards the minority. "Gays are not humans" thread has surfaced in the arguments far too often. In the past, declaring somebody "not human" has heralded the advent of many savageries. We should learn from history's dark spots!

At the same time, some opponents of civil partnerships are lobbying individual politicians - if they vote for this bill, "we will ensure to ‘campaign’ for you" before next year's elections. This stinks of blackmail.

We call on MPs of all parties not to give in to this kind of pressure.

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