The Office of the Prosecutor General requested for official information concerning the detention of Eston Kohver, and regarding the criminal proceedings.

The Estonian Internal Security Service has started to investigate the Kohver case and is proceeding with a criminal procedure under the Estonian Penal Code, regarding 'Unlawful deprivation of liberty' and 'Illegal crossing of state border or temporary border line of Republic of Estonia'.

Based on evidence that has been collected so far, it has been established that on 5 September, Eston Kohver was in the line of duty and collecting information on cross-border corruption within the framework of an information collection plan in the vicinity of the Estonian-Russian border in Võru County, Southern Estonia.

He was near Russian border mark No 121 where has threatened at about 9am on 5 September with firearm, deprived of his liberty, and taken against his will from Republic of Estonia to the Russian Federation.