The argument arose at the weekend meeting of European centre right parties in Brussels. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who attended the gathering, asked for military aid from the EU.

Urmas Reinsalu supported Poroshenko, proposing that since it is difficult to come to consensus and have a united front in this question at the EU-level, the union should give a green light to individual member states that wish to send weapons or give military support to Ukraine.

However, Angela Merkel became clearly irritated by Reinsalu’s proposition. The German Chancellor argued that it is not possible to solve the Russia-Ukraine conflict with arms, therefore opposing military support for Ukraine, on behalf of the European Union.

"It is a question of political will," Reinsalu said. "The US has supported Ukraine with military intelligence. Any support would be welcomed by Ukraine and Poroshenko has emphasised that it would be also a symbolic act in terms of deterring Russia," Reinsalu added.

Ukraine is currently lacking modern weapons and armament, in contrast to Russia.

Estonia has previously given financial and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, worth half a million euros this year alone.