Dmitri is suspected of computer sabotage and of damaging connections to the computer network (Penal Code §206 and § 207). He actively participated on various Internet forums helping to organise cyber attacks, announced the spokesperson of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Dmitri independently volunteered and supervised other forum users in organizing the so-called DDoS attacks against several Estonian servers. As an Estonian resident, Dmitri had a good overview of the local Internet landscape and had the know-how for choosing targets. He instigated attacks against the web pages of local authorities as well as various political parties.

“Those who believe that they can be completely anonymous on the Internet and do whatever they like are seriously mistaken,” said Public Prosecutor Margus Kurm. “There are many competent specialists with the Estonian Police who are capable of tracking down even the most shrewd hackers”.

Senior Superintendent of the Central Criminal Police, Ivo Kolk, stated that the police has vowed to prosecute, to the full extent of the law, those attacking Estonian servers. “This crime, like any other crime, leaves a trace that will lead us to apprehending the criminals. The Central Criminal Police, in co-operation with specialists of other local authorities and private enterprises, has determined the main channels of anti-Estonian attacks as well as the culprits”.

Criminal proceedings for the apprehension of the organisers of the cyber attacks continue, and the number of suspects may increase. The purpose is to apprehend and prosecute all Estonian residents who have attacked servers themselves or have aided hackers from outside Estonia to do so.

Through international co-operation, Estonia aims to pursue the individuals who perpetrated these cyber crimes and bring them to justice, in accordance with the laws of Estonia.