The Bronze Soldier is Standing in the Cemetery of the Defence Forces

The Bronze Soldier is Standing in the Cemetery of the Defence Forces

The statue of a Red Army soldier (the Bronze Soldier) removed from Tõnismäe was, by afternoon today, relocated to the cemetery of the Defence Forces on Filtri tee.

Today, the Minister of Defence, Mr. Jaak Aaviksoo, inspected the new location of the former Tõnismäe gravestone.

“The relocation of the gravestone together with the remains of those killed in combat was, at the start, planned to be carried out during a later period of time.
The recent extensive acts of vandalism, however, did not make it possible to leave the memorial on its place in Tõnismägi for May 9th and pursuant to the decision made by the Government, it was relocated to the cemetery of Filtri road to ensure the opportunity for people and organizations, who see the memorial as a symbol of WWII victory, to celebrate the event with dignity”, said Aaviksoo.

On May 8th, the whole world celebrates the end of WWII and victory over coalition led by Hitler’s Germany.

The events with the participation of the representative of the Government for May 8th include emplacement of flowers in the honour of those killed in the WWII also to the feet of the Bronze Soldier memorial in the Cemetery of the Estonian Defence Forces. The representatives of countries that fought together against Nazism and fascism in the WWII — Great Britain, France, USA and Russia — are expected to participate.

The reburial of the remains together with reopening of the gravestone in its former appearance (with the slate wall background that will be constructed after May 9th) is planned to take place in June.

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