Estonian police calms residents’ concern over tight Obama security

Tallinn city centreFoto: TERJE LEPP

The inhabitants of the residential building next to Swissotel in Tallinn city centre were astonished to find a letter warning them not to peek out from their windows or making sudden moves during President Obama Estonia visit on 3 September. Estonian police have however said that the warning does not come from them and suggestions in the letter are baseless.

One of the residents was utterly dismayed by the letter and sent a copy to Delfi. The letter warned that the residents staying indoors are ought to close the curtains, keep a safe distance from their windows, and avoid movements that could potentially be misinterpreted by the special agents looking after the security.

However, the Estonian Police bluntly called it a hoax.

"The Police have not sent out this kind of letter, nor are we in any way associated with it. The claim that people have to close the curtains and are not allowed peeking out from their windows is clearly wrong – people are allowed to do that. In regards to the misinformation contained in this letter, we have on our behalf sent a formal explanation to all residents of Tornimäe 7," Martin Luige, the spokesman of the Estonian Police and Border Guard said.

Luige confirmed, however, that the Police will issue special access cards to the residents of few surrounding buildings.