Estonian flag torn from embassy in Moscow

Estonian flag torn from embassy in Moscow

Russian protestors tore down and desecrated the Estonian flag from the Estonian Embassy in Moscow earlier today, in the fifth day of demonstrations against the re-locating of the Bronze Soldier monument.

Meanwhile in Estonia, delegates from Russia’s Duma admitted to the Secretary General of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the situation could be resolved within three minutes, if the authorities so desired.

The embassy’s Press Secretary, Franek Persidski, stated, in a correspondence with the Eesti Päevaleht newspaper, that one of the protestors cleared the perimeter fence, cut the flag’s cord, and took the flag back to the protestors.

According to Persidski, some protestors then proceeded to parade with the flag in front of the embassy until the Russian OMON (Special Operations State Militia) retrieved it and handed it back to an embassy representative.

According to Interfax, the OMON arrested the young culprit and took him back to their car, but young protesters surrounded the OMON vehicle and blocked it from leaving the scene.

In reaction to the incident, Estonian Foreign Minister, Urmas Paet, told Estonian Radio news, “it is clear that the authorities have been given instructions to do as little as possible, which means that they cannot guarantee the security of our Embassy.”

According to Paet, the EU is preparing to officially protest to the Foreign Minister of Russia, at what Paet described as the unacceptable situation at the embassy in Moscow.

“Statements claiming that Russia is unable to ensure law and order are not true, especially when we consider the law enforcement’s reaction to recent opposition protests in Moscow and St. Petersburg. These were put down very fast and forcefully, so the militia is certainly not lacking in know-how,” said Paet.

In recent days, Estonia has presented the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with three diplomatic notes concerning the situation around the Embassy, but so far Russia has taken no action.

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