Estonia considers the so-called presidential elections in Abkhazia illegal

Eesti ja Saksamaa välisministrite kohtumine
Urmas PaetFoto: Tiit Blaat

According to Estonia’s Foreign Minister Urmas Paet, the so-called presidential elections that were conducted in Georgia’s occupied territories in Abkhazia on 24 August are illegal since they are in contradiction with the principles of Georgia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

"Recognising these elections would mean legitimising a military occupation. This is unacceptable," Foreign Minister Paet said.

According to Paet, continuing international Geneva talks and guaranteeing the European Union’s observation mission access to the entire territory of Georgia, including Abkhazia, is important in regards to establishing safety and stability in the region. "We invite Russia to fulfil all the terms of the ceasefire agreement of 2008, including returning its forces to their pre-conflict positions."

Paet stated that the unilateral pronouncement of independence of the separatist regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia is contrary to international law. "Therefore the so-called elections there also fail to have any legal or constitutional grounds," he added.

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